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What’s your problem?

We outlined a quick guide below detailing common pain points and the retail logistics solutions Zipline Logistics can provide. 


Increased Cargo Theft on High Value Shipments

Are you moving high value (HVL) shipments and experiencing increased theft? You’re not alone.

Cargo theft is at an all-time high, with stolen goods totaling an estimated $130 Million in 2023.

The good news is that Zipline Logistics offers a unique and proven process backed by innovative technology to ensure your HVL freight is never at risk, including: 

  • An in-depth Carrier Qualification Process 
  • 24/7 real time cargo tracking & monitoring and response operations for law enforcement engagement 
  • Carrier security compliance reporting for continuous improvement and data focused management 
  • Time & temperature-sensitive shipment management 



Product Consistently Out-of-Stock

Consider the direct hit your gross margin takes when your product is out-of-stock and replaced with a competing brand. Brands can grow their gross margin just by increasing their on-time delivery performance to Zipline’s 95% average. 



Annual RevenueOn-Time Delivery PerformanceGross Profit
$10 Million77%$4,620,000
$10 Million95%$5,700,000

*This example assumes your product has a 45% gross margin. 


The difference between hitting retail suppliers’ average performance (77%) and hitting the performance retail buyers expect (95% or better) is $810,000 in margin. CPG companies usually budget 7-9% of their gross profit toward transportation spend. For a $10MM company, that’s between $700,000-and $900,000. If they master on-time delivery, that margin savings completely or nearly covers that cost altogether. 

A true logistics partner will help you spend right, not more. 



Trouble Managing Retail Deliveries

Zipline Logistics works with CPG brands to optimize their supply chain functions and master efficient delivery to retail customers. We provide brands with dependable differentiation strategies by processing orders with industry best practices and turning data into insights. 

With 15 years in the CPG sector and 97% of our shipments landing on a retail shelf, we help brands:   

  • Navigate retail delivery nuances 
  • Decrease product damages 
  • Meet OTIF standards   
  • Increase shipment visibility    
  • Report on logistics data that matters like transportation spend, performance, and MABDs 
  • Understand cost analysis to guide decisions



Understanding Retailer Expectations and Compliance Standards 

A recent survey revealed that 66% of retail buyers have ended relationships with suppliers over delivery issues. With retail compliance requirements always changing, it’s hard to keep track of what each retailer expects. So, we made it easy. 

Here’s what you need to know about shipping into: 

Know exactly what retail buyers expect from you and how to avoid damaging your relationships by reading our Retail Buyer Report. 



Logistics Team Spread Too Thin

Managing your company’s logistics operation can feel like an unceasing list of calls, emails, and follow-ups just to set delivery appointments and work through freight issues. 

If your team is bogged down by daily transportation tasks, one onboarding call with your Zipline Account Team is all it takes to get out of the weeds. Say goodbye to setting appointments, analyzing loads of data, and putting fires out alone. 

Zipline can help you: 

  • Streamline communications between your organization and retailers 
  • Proactively find creative logistics solutions to common transportation issues
  • Perform critical data analysis  
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities  
  • Reduce day-to-day logistics tasks

 See how Zipline streamlined the communication process at client WTRMLN WTR to improve their lives.   



Products Damaged in Transit

Knowledge of LTL terminal networks and how each one serves individual retailer distribution locations doesn’t just improve on-time delivery. It also allows Zipline to optimize your shipping network to minimize handling and product damages. 

Our retail-specialized carrier network serves each individual retailer distribution location to ensure your product arrives to your most important customers in sale-ready condition.    

See how we helped Evan’s Food Group: 

  • Utilize consolidation programs to increase efficiency and reduce order handling & costs 
  • Understand the benefits of retail-specialized LTL 
  • Minimize product damage and create better transportation outcomes 

Another Zipline difference is that we handle claims efficiently and extremely hands-on. Even though the shippers we service belong to claim-heavy categories, we get an extremely low number of them. This is because of our national network of 38,000+ hand-picked carriers who are familiar with retail facilities and the importance of on-time delivery



Little Visibility or Data on Shipments 

Our proprietary shipper intelligence tool, KanoPI, provides clients access to high-powered visibility and data. The platform allows brands to track shipments, store critical logistics data in one place, create organizational alignment, and illuminate network performance. 

The main benefits of KanoPI are: 

  • Transportation Network Optimization 
  • Transparency to On-Time Percentage 
  • Proactive Alerts 
  • Refined Cost Breakdown 
  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration 
  • Real-Time Monitoring 
  • Innovation and Customization 

See how a network analysis led to $1.2 Million in transportations savings for one of our clients. 



Subpar Service From Current Logistics Partners

What’s one of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers who have used general 3PLs? Other brokers just don’t care about their success. 

These brands have experienced zero proactive communication, little to no guidance on how to improve logistics strategy, and late deliveries that domino into lost profits and huge fines. General 3PLs will only waste your time and money. 

The good news is that retail-specialization and world-class service are all we know at Zipline. Our customer satisfaction score ranks 5 times the industry average. 

Partnering with Zipline, you can expect: 

  • Quick responses to questions and requests 
  • Proactive solutions to unexpected problems 
  • Not just taking orders, but offering optimized options (modes, routing, etc.) 
  • Regular and thorough communication 
  • Order visibility and spend transparency 
  • Upfront honesty 
  • Follow through on commitments 
  • A company culture that rewards accountability and communication 

Even multibillion-dollar retailers with huge internal logistics departments see the value a retail-specialized 3PL adds. Hear the tales of two giant Zipline clients who attribute their booming success in part to Zipline. 


Want to Know More About Our Retail-Specialization?

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We also have a massive library of content available to answer any additional logistics or Zipline questions you may have: 

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