KANOPI: Our Proprietary Shipper Intelligence Tool

Built in-house and improved daily by the Zipline Development Team, KANOPI is our proprietary shipper intelligence tool. Our retail logistics experts leverage KANOPI to optimize client supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and skyrocket logistics performance.  

Our technology suite offers shippers with revenue between $1 Million and $1 Billion the visibility and insight “Big Box” 3PLs reserve for Fortune 100 customers. 

KANOPI has helped Zipline clients achieve up to:  

KANOPI provides Zipline clients with:  

  • High-powered visibility and data to track and trace shipments  
  • Visualization of entire freight network and ability to breakdown spend by shipper, consignee, lane, and mode 
  • Weather overlays and proactive alerts of potential disruptions  
  • Reports on logistics performance and cost analyses to make timely, cost-effective decisions  
  • Consolidation services that remove the high cost and risks of shipping LTL into retail locations while maintaining the visibility and control of truckload-level services for less than truckload quantities. 

Consolidation Service Features and Benefits: 

  • Real-time identification of consolidation opportunities based on routing, due dates, and LTL rate comparisons.  
  • Only your orders will share the same dedicated truck, meaning your shipments will not be mixed in with other clients’ orders. 
  • Zipline teams frequently perform strategic analyses of historical orders to identify and capture future consolidation opportunities. 
  • Developed to maximize value for brands needing to meet strict appointment due dates. 
  • Displays a real-time, running total of consolidation cost savings over time so you can keep track and celebrate wins. 
  • Can identify and help streamline warehouse and inventory inefficiencies. 


KanoPI technology

Latest Releases & Updates

Read below for details on the latest and greatest version of KANOPI.

KANOPI 02.20.23 Release

This release includes user-friendly updates such as a new ability to rollup or drilldown data by date, faster page load times, streamlined action buttons, and larger chart views.

KANOPI 12.19.23 Release

This release includes several new features including 4x speed enhancement, more accurate delivery estimates, brand new chat function, and order update subscription notifications.

For more information, please login to your KANOPI account or contact your Zipline Logistics representative.