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Zipline Logistics prioritizes YOUR bottom line. We are experts in retail logistics and exclusively service CPG brands shipping into retail. This means we’re a logistics solutions provider — not just a rate and a truck — and we genuinely care about and invest in CPG brands’ success.

Check out the Zipline love stories below for examples of challenges our customers have faced and the results we’ve driven alongside them.

“Zipline has eliminated all of these issues for Isik”

Shipper: Isik Organic, a leading grower, manufacturer, and exporter of organic dried fruits & nuts and frozen fruits and headquartered in Turkey.

Challenge: During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Isik was dealing with carriers arriving late to delivery appointments, products being damaged while in transit, and keeping transportation costs within budget.

Results: Over the course of the first two years working together, Zipline has eliminated virtually all of these issues for Isik. Their OTIF has improved and their transportation costs have gone down considerably.

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T. Marzetti Dramatically Increases OTIF

Shipper: T. Marzetti, a leading specialty foods company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Challenge: T. Marzetti was struggling to meet delivery deadlines and as a result, experiencing heavy retail compliance fines and damaged relationships with their retail partners.

Results: T. Marzetti’s OTIF score was in the mid-80’s when they started working with Zipline. One year later, their OTIF score was up to 94%. Before Zipline, Marzetti felt alone in putting out fires and educating their partners on the impacts of not meeting retail expectations. Whereas with Zipline, these issues were immediately met with proactive communication that led to quick solutions.

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“What Make Zipline Different is the People”

Shipper: Be Well Nutrition, Inc., known for its ICONIC PROTEIN line of beverages, powders, and coffee.

Challenge: The relationship between Zipline Logistics and Mariah Nguyen, COO of Be Well Nutrition, Inc., began about ten years ago when Nguyen was working for Vita Coco. Nguyen enjoyed Zipline’s people and service so much that she carried the relationship to the next four companies she worked with. 

Results: ICONIC PROTEIN, Be Well’s line of protein beverages, powders, and coffee,  has relied on Zipline as its exclusive transportation broker since 2018. Zipline manages both procurement of ingredients and LTL & FTL customer order fulfillment. Zipline has offered this client a competitive advantage through in depth freight analyses, resulting in both time and cost savings.

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True Logistics Partnership

Shippers: Premium drink mixer company, Fever Tree; and importer, distributor and brand representative for premium biscuit/snack manufacturers, Brand Passport.

Challenge: Both Fever Tree and Brand Passport needed a logistics service provider that could meet a wide range of transportation needs while identifying new supply chain efficiencies and showcasing true partnership.

Results: Zipline Logistics went above and beyond to provide knowledge, data, and recommendations that helped streamline operations for Fever Tree and Brand Passport. Invested in customer success, Zipline fully managed orders, optimizing along the way and involving the customer on an exception-management basis. Zipline built trust, provided peace of mind, and helped both brands solve for their logistics challenges.


3PL Partnership and Service

Shipper: Global producer of coconut products, Vita Coco

Challenge: Vita Coco required a logistics partner that instilled total confidence and enabled it to focus on its brand, not transportation. Navigating a fast-growth market segment, they needed a 3PL that could scale alongside them and provide ongoing supply chain consultation.

Results: Zipline Logistics has successfully grown together with Vita Coco, expanding to meet domestic transportation and drayage needs. Vita Coco now cuts down on overhead costs by funneling logistics through its customer service department, relying on Zipline Logistics to properly handle transportation and identify new optimization and savings opportunities.


Zipline Love Stories: Specialized 3PL Adds Value to Multibillion-Dollar Retailers

Shipper: A sustainable high-tech shoe company and a $12 Billion specialty retailer famous for high-quality fragrances and candles

Challenge: The shoe company was challenged by it’s tiny storefronts in bustling metropolitan areas, which required multiple perfectly timed deliveries per week. The specialty retailer needed consistent manpower transporting expensive, valuable, time sensitive, and extremely high volume shipments from ports to distribution centers.

Results: Zipline played a major role in helping the shoe brand skyrocket. Since entrusting us with nearly 100% of their domestic freight over the last three years, their revenue nearly doubled as they explosively expanded from four stores to 30+. After six years of business with the specialty retailer, Zipline has moved 17,000+ loads at 96% on-time delivery rate. Since partnering with us, we have seen their revenue grow by close to $3.5 Billion.

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WTRMLN WTR Streamlines Refrigerated LTL Operations

Logistics Case StudyShipper: WTRMLN WTR—Nationwide manufacturer of cold-pressed, juiced watermelon beverages.

Challenge: WTRMLN WTR grew quickly and expanded its sales across the United States. Because the brand’s product is temperature-sensitive, it required refrigerated shipping to fulfill its growing orders. Temp-controlled shipping is fragmented with few providers operating nationwide. WTRMLN WTR needed to manage relationships with several disparate regional providers at once.

Results: By working with Zipline, WTRMLN WTR gained new visibility into their operations adding transparency into their supply chain and uncovering beneficial consolidation opportunities, scheduling improvements, and network reconfiguration.

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Consolidation and Managed Transportation Solution

Shipper: Global producer of pork snack products, Evans Food Group

Challenge: Evans Food Group was charged with identifying proactive ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies throughout its supply chain. Goals were set to minimize use of LTL, lower landed costs, increase overall production efficiency, improve dock utilization, and allow for more flexibility.

Results: Solution consultants at Zipline Logistics developed an on-site order consolidation program that successfully reduced LTL utilization and lowered landed costs per pallet by 20%. Adoption of a managed transportation solution and EDI order tendering technology also enabled Evans Food Group to greatly improve internal efficiencies and gain more visibility into its supply chain.

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Beverage Transportation Specialists

Logistics Case Studies

Shipper: Emerging enhanced-water brand, Hoist

Challenge: As a growing beverage brand, Hoist needed to scale its transportation strategy and engage a logistics partner that could provide guidance on how to meet retailer demands.

Results: Hoist leveraged Zipline Logistics’ beverage transportation expertise to meet retailer requirements, cut transportation costs, and grow its network. By engaging an experienced 3PL partner, Hoist no longer had to worry about scheduling product pick-ups or deliveries and could instead focus on growing its brand.

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Improving On-Time Delivery by 17%

improve otif thumbnailShipper: Natural soda brand

Challenge: The company grew extremely fast and struggled to consistently meet retail compliance standards due to a complex national footprint.

Results: Zipline brought smart technologies and seasoned retail logistics professionals to the table. Through the facilitation of appointment flexibility, order visibility, and cross-departmental communication, the soda manufacturer was able to better serve customers and improved its on-time delivery by 17 percent.


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Beverage Transportation and Minimum Orders

Logistics Case Studies Shipper: Clean energy drink

Challenge: The growing beverage brand was entering new retail markets and facing common issues associated with securing new shelf space. When their new customer began purchasing small quantities of product to test sell, the brand was breaking even on their orders due to the cost of transport.

Results: Zipline Logistics leveraged its proprietary shipper intelligence tool, KanoPI, to show the beverage brand that once began to order even slightly more product their costs would come down. By isolating critical metrics in KanoPI and renegotiating order minimums, they were able to  remain with and ultimately achieve long-term profitability with the retailer.

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Solving for Retail Vendor Compliance Issues

Logistics Case StudiesShipper: Global producer of organic food supplements

Challenge: The brand was experiencing reoccurring delivery problems and rejected orders at Walmart. This caused freight to be late, extra paperwork, and the potential for costly fees related to retail vendor compliance failures.

Results: Zipline took over management of Walmart deliveries. Solution consultants identified proactive ways to rework delivery appointments, optimize dues dates, and book more reliable transportation, ultimately improving the brand’s vendor performance.


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Transportation Network Analysis

Logistics Case Studies

Shipper: International food ingredients supplier

Challenge: Overseas offices were shipping product out-of-network, which led to an accumulation of unnecessary costs and complications. The organization required more visibility into its U.S. supply chain to proactively identify opportunities to cut transportation spend and avoid service issues.

Results: Zipline Logistics leveraged its shipper intelligence tool KANOPI to identify $1.2 million in transportation savings for its customer. Consultants identified trends within data and found specific shipments that were driving up transportation costs. With inefficiencies isolated, they optimized modes and altered warehouse locations to achieve a 30% increase in network efficiency.

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