3PL Provider and 3PL Services

Whether working with Zipline Logistics on a transactional or strategic level, you’ll receive best-in-class communication, outstanding customer service, access to shipper intelligence tools and Zipline’s CPG-tailored transportation services and expertise. We can help you execute on urgent shipments, manage your entire transportation network, optimize your operations, or provide a service offering that’s in-between.

Our experienced, professional logistics solution consultants can assist you in finding ways to build a more efficient supply chain that meets your customer demands. We believe in providing every customer world-class service no matter the extent of their logistics requirements.

Interested in partnering with Zipline Logistics for your shipping needs? Here is a look at some of the most common ways that we work with our partners, and the related benefits.

3PL Service Levels

3PL Advantage Benchmarks 

Our unparalleled logistics customer service, CPG expertise, and freight visibility tools can be leveraged for singular shipments, lanes, or modes. No matter the order size, we handle all shipments with the utmost care and are invested in the ongoing success of our customers. Zipline acts as an extension of your organization by offering proactive solutions and always finding the right carrier for your haul, at the best value.

All Zipline Logistics customers receive:

  • A dedicated account team
  • 24×7 support
  • World-class customer service
  • Track and trace order visibility with The Summit
  • Access to our unique network of retail- and food-qualified carriers
  • Proactive order and issue management
  • Consumer goods and retail industry expertise
  • Coaching on transportation best practices and industry trends
  • Automated reporting
  • Electronic billing

3PL Services Strategic Advantage

Advantages are extended for shippers who partner with us on continuous improvement initiatives or have Zipline Logistics manage an entire mode or line of business. In addition to the value-added services provided to Benchmark customers, Strategic customers gain maximum value from our KanoPI shipper intelligence platform.

Customers can track critical key performance indicators (KPIs) within our suite of shipper intelligence tools and receive data-driven optimization recommendations with hands-on guidance from our logistics solution consultants. Moving beyond transactional shipments, we partner together and achieve optimal outcomes (or, as our teams say internally—Make freight dreams happen!)

3PL Outsource Advantage

Zipline Logistics provides managed transportation services and complete network outsourcing. This is for shipping partners that want single-source visibility and management of their transportation networks. With our powerful shipper intelligence toolset and full outsourcing program, customers gain a holistic view and maximum transparency into their transportation data and performance.

Shippers who leverage KanoPI at this level can immediately see the positive difference that isolation and analysis of key transportation metrics can make on their supply chain. With improved access to critical logistics information and ongoing consultation from Zipline’s transportation experts, our Outsource customers can unlock the ultimate optimization of pricing and service.

Zipline Logistics Freight Brokerage Services

Unsure which mode to use? We can help you choose between LTL, rail, FTL and everything in between. We do more than take your shipment information and book a truck. We help you identify the best mode for the best value, incorporating your shipping needs and business goals.