Shipping Intelligence Technology eBook

Shipping intelligence technology helps businesses plan, manage, and optimize the flow of both inbound and outbound goods. The right kind of technology platform can help companies reduce transportation costs by increasing visibility and transparency, improving forecasting and planning, and consolidating shipments.

This eBook details:

  • Selecting the best shipping technology to maximize ROI
  • What shipping technology can do for your brand
  • KANOPI: Zipline Logistics Shipping Intelligence Technology

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Retail Buyer Report

Zipline Logistics surveyed our network of retail buyers to better understand why certain products get on shelves over others and how we can empower CPG brands to stand out in the ever-changing, competitive market.

This report details:

  • Past and current challenges impacting the global supply chain
  • 2022 Retail Industry Outlook
  • Qualities retail buyers look for when selecting suppliers
  • Impact of COVID-19 on retail
  • Out-of-stock opportunity available to CPG brands
  • Importance of a Trusted Logistics Partner

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The Essential Guide to Retail Logistics

While there are plenty of logistics companies out there that can ship products to retailers, not all of them are created equal. A truly customer-facing, non-asset based logistics company will not only handle shipping, but also work with brands on optimized scheduling, warehouse locations, and retailer delivery negotiations.

This eBook details: 

  • How COVID has impacted logistics costs
  • Why logistics is becoming a point of differentiation for CPG brands
  • Improving on-time deliveries
  • Optimizing retail deliveries
  • Greening your supply chain
  • Generating and leveraging logistics data

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The 5 Best Practices for a Changing Retail Industry

Retail has undergone a rapid transformation over the past decade. CPG brands must keep up with what is happening with their most important customers in order to stand out from their competition and cement buyer relationships.

This ebook details:

  • Why competition for shelf space is so fierce
  • How COVID has changed how shoppers are connecting with retailers and brands
  • What’s at stake when delivering to retail customers
  • How your organization can wield its supply chain as a competitive differentiator
  • The best ways to optimize your supply chain for retail delivery

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Using Data to Drive OTIF and Retail Compliance Success

Data is all around us. Businesses everywhere are putting it to use.OTIF-data-WP-header But its importance in logistics is particularly pronounced, especially when used to examine delivery performance at retailers with compliance standards like on-time, in-full (OTIF) programs.

It is critical, for your long-term success, that your brand meet customers’ delivery expectations. The most effective way to do so and maintain retail relationships is by leveraging logistics data insights.

This ebook details:

  • What logistics data is and how you can manage it
  • How to use data to examine past performance at retail receivers and make future improvements
  • Data’s place in the supply chain
  • An effective data program can increase efficiency while cutting costs
  • How analytics can help you identify efficiencies and improve logistics performance
  • The proper mix of automation and human touch in transportation

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10 Things to Do After Landing Retail Shelf Space

You have a new retail customer – Congrats! But what happens next? How do you successfully get your product there? What do you need to know about the relationship you’ve just entered? And how do you ensure it remains profitable?

10 things retail shelf space thumbnail

This ebook details:

  • Retail buyer preferences
  • Retail compliance standards
  • Optimizing minimum order quantities
  • Transportation cost considerations and best practices
  • Leveraging data to optimize operations

Large stores have very specific ways of working with vendors. Enter the relationship prepared and you’re more likely to succeed.

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Your Complete Guide to Costco Shipping

Guide to Costco Shipping White Paper Cover.Costco is strict when it comes to delivery standards and failing to meet guidelines can lead to damaged customer relationships. In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about shipping to Costco.

This paper covers the following:

  • What Makes Costco Different
  • Pallet Configuration and Why It Matters
  • Set up with Rework Facilities
  • Scheduling Costco Appointments
  • What Happens When You Miss a Due Date
  • How Consolidated Orders Work at Costco
  • Modes of Choice for Costco
  • How to Ace Costco MVMs
  • Customer Pick-up Vs. Delivery
  • Added Efficiencies for Costco Shipping
  • How a Specialized 3PL Can Help

Download and be armed with all the information you need to ace your vendor relationship.

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Customer Pick-Up vs. Delivered Pricing: What’s Best for Your Transportation Strategy and Spend?

Customer Pick-Up vs. Delivered Pricing White Paper Cover.Consumer product manufacturers face an important decision when working with big-box retailers; how to arrange for delivery.

Should you let a retailer pick up your product, or arrange and pay for the transportation yourself? The most cost-beneficial answer isn’t always obvious.

This paper includes:

  • Definitions for Customer Pick-Up (CPU) vs. Delivered pricing
  • Explanations of theory and strategy behind making this decision
  • Real-world examples that showcase where each model is beneficial
  • An equation for CPU vs. Delivered pricing analysis

Download to learn more about this important decision and how to determine the best strategy for your logistics operation.

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Cold Chain Shipping: Mitigate Risks, Reduce Spoilage and Save Money

Take control of your temperature-controlled shipping.

This ebook was written to help shippers gain a competitive edge through better outcomes in temperature-controlled transportation.

Download your free copy and find information on: 

  • Features and benefits of temperature/humidity monitoring devices
  • Cold packaging design considerations and R-values for insulated container systems
  • Best practices for loading refrigerated cargo
  • Refrigerated trailer/container inspection checklist

Temperature-controlled shipping doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Follow the tips outlined in this whitepaper and get ahead of potential risk and added costs.

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Why You Should Consider Adopting an Intermodal Ground Shipping Strategy

On the fence about intermodal shipping?

If you’ve ever considered shipping via rail but don’t know where to start, this paper can help.

Download your free copy and you’ll gain access to information on:

  • The state of today’s intermodal market
  • Misconceptions about rail, debunked
  • Overview of recent network improvements and technological advancements
  • Drivers behind the growth of intermodal
  • Advantages to moving via rail

Adopting an intermodal strategy can help you not only cut transportation spend but reduce environmental impacts. This paper answers any questions you may have about getting started with rail.

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Uncover New Savings in Your Supply Chain

Logistics Spend Management White Paper Cover.
With freight rates at an all-time high, finding ways to reduce your transportation spend is pivotal to business success.

Download your free copy of Logistics Spend Management and you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain visibility into your supply chain spending with a six-step logistics spend analysis
  • Improve internal processes around the main drivers of transportation costs
  • Identify and leverage untapped supply chain savings opportunities

This free guide is designed for business owners and supply chain decision-makers who want to achieve optimum logistics performance. At Zipline Logistics, we help our customers ship smarter, faster, and cheaper, and this resource is an extension of our commitment to helping shippers achieve best-in-class results.

Download Logistics Spend Management and take the next step toward supply chain excellence.

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