The Zipline Logistics Difference

Consumer Product Specialization

Our entire company is comprised of retail and grocery transportation experts. Our uniquely qualified carrier network, proprietary technology systems, and deep expertise help our customers avoid chargebacks and rejections, and ensure they can meet the strict requirements set by their customers and distributors.

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Organizational Alignment

Our team members are measured and compensated based on their ability to reach customer performance metrics. That means your goals are our goals. Rather than focusing on gross profit production, we’re kept accountable to on-time delivery performance, hitting MABDs, and score card compliance.

Managed Transportation and Partnership Approach

Whether providing transactional or strategic services, all customers receive best-in-class, freight brokerage, communication and access to shipper intelligence tools. We go above and beyond for every account, helping you achieve optimum transportation performance.

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Dedicated Account Teams

Rather than relying on a single point of contact, every Zipline customer is assigned to a team of experienced logistics consultants. That means your operations won’t be disturbed by account manager turnover, you’ll always be paired with an industry veteran, and multiple people will be available to answer your questions whenever you need help.

Regionalized Carrier Capacity Teams

To best service our customers, Zipline’s carrier teams are broken out into six inbound regions. Each team is uniquely focused on building long-term relationships with carrier partners and are experts on region-specific seasonality and capacity issues. This setup provides all customers with expertise, attention, and quality service.

Highest Level of Customer Service

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, or quote freight we can’t move. Every quote comes with a truck, and every problem comes with a solution. Additionally, our operations teams are available 24/7 and our complimentary technology suite provides you with limitless visibility into your transportation spend and performance.

Sustainability Initiatives

As the first 3PL to become a Smart Way Transport Partner, we take sustainability seriously. We aid customers with reducing both carbon emissions and overall transportation spend by leveraging data analytics and optimization technologies to identify unique order consolidation, scheduling, and routing solutions.

We additionally work alongside our carrier partners to fill empty backhaul miles and reduce unused truck space. Maximizing assets and identifying opportunities for shared transportation between partners is a win-win. Fewer trucks on the road, higher efficiencies, lower emissions, and smarter spending.

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Digital DNA

We are digital natives. We think and behave in a world in which digital is inherent, not an afterthought. This means harnessing technology and data to drive logistics. And it means our people and teams are versed in the latest methods; it’s fully embedded in who we are.

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Client Retention

We have a client retention rate of 96% over the last 5 years. We are extremely proud and appreciate the lasting relationships we’ve formed through business. By delivering on continuous improvement initiatives, acting ethically, and sharing transportation expertise, we are fortunate to grow alongside our customers.