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We specialize exclusively in providing logistics services to consumer product brands. That means we have what it takes to deliver on your unique transportation requirements.

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Freight Tracking Made Easy

Never again wonder about the status of your shipment. Zipline’s track-and-trace platform lets you follow the exact route your freight takes.

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How to Arrange for Delivery

Should you have a retailer pick up your product, or arrange and pay for the transportation yourself? We break down the pros and cons of freight ownership.

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We provide best-in-class transportation services to both emerging and established brands.

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  • Emerging Brands

    Zipline helps you establish optimal transportation strategies and best practices, so you’re prepared to scale and meet growing customer demands.

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  • Established Brands

    Benefit from our modern approach to transportation. As a large company, you can rely on our team of retail and grocery experts to elevate your operations.

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