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Zipline Logistics acquires Summit Eleven [read more]

Stop Spending
Start Investing

At Zipline, we help our clients transform logistics into a strategic tool. Our people, process, and technology will help you turn your logistics spend into a gross margin driver, not a cost center.

Retail is a battle and our customers lead the category for on-time performance.


Retail compliance is a battle
Gain clarity on chargebacks and out-of-stocks
Think beyond customer pick-up
Perform a network analysis
Optimize your business

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Zipline Logistics acquires Summit Eleven

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Be a Gross Margin Driver

Due to out-of-stock products, the average food & beverage brand loses $81,000 per million dollars in sales.  Successful CPG brands are those that invest in logistics and find partners who can execute against strict requirements.

Increasing your on-time performance to Zipline’s average of 95% could increase your gross margin by 8-12%.

  • We Deliver
    Retail Performance

    We are the only North American 3PL built from the ground up to deliver retail performance in the CPG sector.

    Zipline brands have an average on-time performance of 95% and our team is measured and compensated on their ability to reach customer performance metrics.

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  • World-Class
    Customer Experience

    You need a transportation partner who does more than book a truck. You need someone to problem solve, find new efficiencies, and help your brand shine.

    We do that and more, with world class customer service. With Zipline, you'll always get real talk, timely order updates, logistics solutions, CG expertise, and a team that truly cares about your freight.

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  • CPG is
    All We Do

    Finding qualified and reliable drivers to deliver against retail and grocery demands doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated.

    Our national network of 75,000+ carriers is pre-qualified to meet your needs. As a Zipline customer you gain access to preferred carriers, knowledge of big-box receiver operations, and commitment to on-time delivery.

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  • Frictionless

    Start working with Zipline instantly. Zero contracts, no costly technology investments, and same-day set up.

    Plus, no waiting for performance reports. Our complimentary technology suite, KANOPI, includes real-time data access, electronic bill pay and accounting paperwork, and complete transparency into transportation spend and performance.

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  • Order

    Our proprietary logistics technology platform provides shippers with a look into transportation spend and performance, visibility into data to optimize on-time delivery, MABD reporting, and a better understanding of network spend.

    This technology reports on logistics performance and cost analysis, allowing our team to guide shippers' decisions.

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  • Unmatched Service
    through Specialization

    As one of the largest 3PLs, we capture market costs through buying insight, power, and technology, except concentrated only on CPG.

    Our specialization allows us to achieve the best outcomes for CPG brands, like meeting on-time delivery standards set by retailers, reducing out-of-stocks, and decreasing product damages.

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“At Zipline service is big. They are really able to manage both big and small company transportation while delivering the same level of service to each.”

VP of Supply Chain
Global Coconut Water/Oil Brand

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