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Zipline’s less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping specialists can help you navigate the nuances of pallet shipping and LTL logistics. No more requesting and comparing multiple LTL carriers and LTL freight quotes, tracking orders, and dealing with complications.

Our specialized operational teams can help by sourcing our vast less-than-truckload carrier network to find you a competitively priced option that also delivers on your service requirements. Leveraging our institutional retail expertise, you can source the right LTL logistics provider for the job and keep your customers happy. We work with LTL carriers every day and can help ensure your success in the less-than-truckload shipment space.

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LTL Freight Tracking 

Zipline Logistics’ customers can access real-time visibility to the location and status of their freight with our Summit tool and automated shipment updates. Our proprietary track-and-trace platform, called KanoPI, gives you the ability to follow your freight’s route, while providing check-in information and status details along the way. Never again wonder about your shipment’s location or status. Directly follow and track an order to see whether it will arrive to meet on-time-in-full compliance standards set by retailers.

LTL Logistics and LTL Services

LTL shipping allows multiple shippers to share space on the same truck. This is an effective solution for shippers who have small skid orders and for those who do not want to pay for a full truck for their freight.

However, determining LTL freight rates is slightly more intricate than other modes. LTL freight quotes are determined by factors such as dimensional weight, freight class, distance, and negotiated volume breaks.

Freight classes are defined by the stowability and transportability of a product. Every product that can be transported via a less-than-truckload shipment is assigned a class by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). This allows carriers to determine their tariff rate for every class of product they are willing to haul on any given lane of their transportation network. If this sounds complex, that is because it is. Navigating the world of LTL shipping is just one of the many benefits of working with an expert 3PL firm like Zipline Logistics.
We provide proper and complete order details, which is essential when working with an LTL provider. Errors in paperwork or holes in information can lead to delays and costly reconfigurations.

Providing proper and complete order details is essential when working with an LTL provider. Errors in paperwork or holes in information can lead to delays and costly reconfigurations.

Zipline Logistics helps LTL customers ensure proper details are included and that there are no gaps in partner communication. While more complicated than full-truckload shipping methods, transporting product with an LTL carrier can add up to significant savings along your supply chain.

When to Use LTL Freight Services

  • Shipments that are too big for parcel, but too small to fill an entire truck
  • 1-10 pallet orders
  • Orders less than 15,000 pounds

LTL Logistics Solutions

Although LTL is a great mode for smaller orders, it comes with its own set of service limitations. Here at Zipline logistics, our consultants help LTL customers identify optimization and conversion opportunities for every order. This includes consolidation and multi-drop programs, use of intermodal, expedited services, volume pricing, and partial truckload.

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