Temperature-Controlled and Refrigerated Shipping Services

Zipline Logistics can help shippers source available capacity for temperature-controlled transportation. With tighter capacity during produce season and fewer carriers who operate temperature-controlled fleets, working with a 3PL for refrigerated (reefer) shipping can prove essential.

As experts in food and beverage transportation, our carrier network includes temperature controlled vehicles and food-grade equipment. We are also experts in FSMA regulations and temperature monitoring protocols, which means we can help ensure compliance during all points of transport.

Order Visibility and Freight Tracking

With our Summit tool and automated shipment updates, Zipline Logistics’ customers gain real-time visibility to the location and status of their orders. Our proprietary track-and-trace platform lets you follow the route your freight takes, providing check-in notes and details along the way. Never again wonder about the status of your shipment.

Reefer Shipping 101

Temperature-controlled and refrigerated shipping is available within multiple modes – rail, LTL, and truck. Refrigeration and monitoring systems are built in to equipment, so goods can travel safely within a controlled environment between origin and destination.

Traditional Uses for Refrigerated Shipping

  • Shipping of perishable food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products
  • During hotter months of the year

When to Use Temp-Control as a Solution

  • Prevention of altitude issues
  • Protection from freezing, sub-zero temperatures
  • Any time a controlled environment is required


Zipline Logistics Multimodal Services