Expedited Shipping Services | Expedited Freight Rates 

Do you need to expedited shipping for an urgent order? Don’t fret. We have a team dedicated to sourcing, booking, and managing your expedited shipments and day-of requests.

What is Expedited Shipping Service?

Expedited shipping refers to sending an order to its destination more quickly than is customary.

Most orders can be scheduled with adequate lead time, but unforeseen instances do occur. Whether you need to rush ship ingredients to maintain production timelines, quickly replenish retail inventory, or deliver essential medical supplies, Zipline’s transportation experts can help you source the right carrier to get product where it needs to be, safely and on time, anywhere in North America.

Get Expedited Freight Rates

Shipping expedited or direct orders provides you with added speed, less handling, more visibility, shorter delivery times, and additional security for your goods. Paired with our world-class customer service and expedited services, Zipline is your best choice for expedited sipping services. You’ll gain real-time visibility into freight status with our easy-to-use technology suite, KanoPI, and receive proactive updates from our logistics solution consultants, ensuring your urgent orders get where they need to be, fast and securely.

Rest assured, you can count on Zipline Logistics to effectively deliver on your emergency freight moves, no matter the distance or order size.

Expedited Freight Rates and Logistics

  • Overnight Delivery
  • Same-day Delivery
  • Weekends and Holidays
  • Regional and Cross Country
  • High-value Freight
  • Direct Trucking
  • Temp-controlled / Dry
  • Full truck / Less-than truckload

Expedited Shipping Equipment in Zipline’s Network

  • Cargo Van
  • Sprinter Van
  • Straight Truck
  • Tractor Trailer
  • Single or Team Drivers

Expedited Freight Services and Expedited Freight Tracking

With our Summit tool and automated shipment updates from KanoPI, Zipline Logistics’ customers gain real-time visibility to the location and status of their orders. Our proprietary track-and-trace platform lets you follow the route your freight takes, providing check-in notes and details along the way.

Never lose sight or wonder about the status of your expedited freight with the real-time monitoring capabilities of KanoPI and the Summit. Our proprietary shipper intelligence toolset uses advanced APIs to pull current geographical data, weather patterns, and carrier updates to provide you with key information during a carrier’s route. Watch as your freight travels along its expedited route.

Expedited Freight Rates

Call 888-469-4754 or contact us here to discuss rush transit options.

Time-Critical Shipments and Expedited Freight 

Don’t have an emergency shipment, but need your product delivered quickly, on a specific day, or at a specific time? This is where Zipline excels.

Working day in, day out with retail orders and production-critical freight, we understand that due dates are non-negotiable. A missed appointment or delayed delivery can have a domino effect on your supply chain and damage your customer relationships.

As retail and e-commerce competition continues to rise, buyers report that on-time delivery and proactive communication are growing in importance and help brands stand out. In fact, 73.3% of retail buyers report that they have ended vendor relationships over delivery issues. Zipline can help make your logistics function a competitive advantage, hitting on-time delivery requirements and identifying ways to continuously improve your transportation network and supply chain.

Our retail-qualified carrier network exists to deliver on your time-sensitive shipment needs, ensuring you keep production running, ace your vendor scorecards, and meet buyer requirements.

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