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Rail shipping is an appealing mode because it offers lower rates and more consistent service than typical over the road trucking. Here at Zipline Logistics, we have intermodal specialists who can help you identify when transferring from truck to rail is a cost-effective solution.

We have relationships with all major rail lines and can provide customers with competitive pricing for door-to-door rail moves across the country. This includes full management of sourcing and booking capacity, drayage services, storage, pick-up and delivery.

Intermodal Shipment Tracking

With our Summit tool and automated shipment updates, Zipline Logistics’ customers gain real-time visibility to the location and status of their orders. Our proprietary track-and-trace platform lets you follow the route your freight takes, providing check-in notes and details along the way. Never again wonder about the status of your shipment.

Intermodal Services

Intermodal shipping involves the combination of rail and truck services. Trucks help move containers from your facility to the rail yard, then from the rail yard to your final destination. Splitting transit between truck and rail helps to reduce environmental impacts, improve highway congestion, and lower overall costs for shippers.

Traditional Uses for Intermodal

  • Long haul shipments, over 700 miles
  • Temperature controlled and dry shipments
  • Large shipments
  • Shipments that are not time-sensitive

When to Use Intermodal as a Solution

  • When looking to cut transportation spend
  • If you need newly sourced capacity
  • To cut environmental impacts, reduce carbon footprint
  • Weather impacts – rail is less likely to be delayed by snow and rain


Intermodal Service White PaperWhite Paper: Why You Should Consider Adopting an Intermodal Ground Shipping Strategy

On the fence about intermodal shipping? If you've ever considered moving freight via rial but don't know where to start, download our free white paper to learn about the state of today's intermodal market and what advantages are available.

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