Improve Your OTIF Delivery Performance with Retail Logistics Experts

Meeting retail compliance standards can be a complex undertaking, even for established CPG brands.

Zipline specializes in retail logistics and works to help our customers improve OTIF delivery performance and meet stringent retail compliance requirements.

We have the extensive, nuanced expertise necessary for successful retail logistics execution.

Our team of experienced retail logistics professionals provides your organization with valuable insight to assist your brand in meeting retail compliance requirements and improving OTIF delivery performance.

Through our shipper intelligence software KanoPI, our customers receive end-to-end visibility for service critical retail shipments paired with invaluable hands-on consultation from our team of retail logistics experts.


What is Retail Logistics?

Retail logistics is an increasingly critical component of business objectives as e-commerce has become a more robust option and comparable substitute for shoppers who have shifted to near-instantaneous fulfillment expectations.

This new buying reality has subsequently upped competition in the industry. Retailers have taken note and increased their delivery standards to compete with online purveyors to prevent costly out-of-stocks in stores.

This phenomenon is estimated to cost the industry billions of dollars per year. Consumers switch from in-store options to e-commerce fulfillment solutions when an item is out of stock.

To prevent this from occurring, retailers have begun to require their supplier partners to meet delivery compliance requirements, which are instituted as compliance initiatives like Walmart’s on-time in-full (OTIF) program.

Other retailers such as Kroger and Costco have similar on-time requirements that give vendors little to no room for late delivery.

These programs, designed to encourage punctual order delivery, build in fees and demerits against your brand for underperformance.

Why Meet Retail Compliance Requirements?

Not meeting compliance standards is not an option for vendors looking to compete in the ever-expanding consumer goods space.

Fines are an immediate incentive for brands to hit their specified delivery appointment; however, these fines are just the short-term result of falling out of compliance.

When viewed from afar, late deliveries can cost your organization its space on retail store shelves.

In a survey of 300+ retail buyers, Zipline Logistics found that an overwhelming majority do not want to work with vendors who can’t master their organization’s logistics network.

Of those polled, 100% said that a vendor’s ability to deliver product on-time impacted their willingness to work with them, and 73% of the same group said they had ended vendor relationships over delivery issues.

Working with retailers to obtain shelf space and extensive exposure is a critical component of growing your brand.

How to Meet Retail Compliance Standards

To effectively manage the complex world of retail transportation, vendors are forced to do far more than book a truck for product transport.

Successfully delivering product on-time and in-full requires the right mix of data-driven insight and expert human touch.

Brands need to know how to best optimize their logistics function to meet OTIF delivery performance expectations without breaking the budget.

A valued retail logistics partner can help you make the correct carrier decisions to give your service critical orders the best chance of successful on-time delivery.

Work with Zipline to Meet Retail Compliance Standards

Zipline Logistics is built to help your brand succeed at on-time delivery. Our transportation experts are enabled by our robust shipper intelligence platform, KanoPI, to make better decisions about capacity, routing, and pricing to get your orders to your customers on-time while reducing overall transportation spend.