Managed Transportation Services

Zipline Logistics excels as a managed transportation partner. We take a unique approach, working alongside multiple departments in your organization to build a custom strategy and deliver on day-to day-transportation functions.

As a managed transportation partner and freight brokerage service, Zipline does more than plan, optimize, and execute on your shipments. We operate as a critical member of your organization – aligning production, operations, sales, customer service and shipping/receiving teams toward optimal scenarios, actively managing with a steady eye on continuous improvement.

Working with an expert 3PL, like Zipline, also means you can eliminate the need for a costly transportation department or software system with our managed transportation services. Even the most innovative transportation management software (TMS) will still require a team to run and maintain it, with no guarantee on ROI. Zipline’s managed transportation solution eliminates overhead costs and delivers an almost immediate ROI.

Zipline’s Managed Transportation Solutions and Benefits:

  • Maximum insights from our shipper intelligence toolset, KanoPI
  • Single-source visibility into transportation spend and performance data
  • No software to purchase
  • Organizational alignment
  • Maximum return on logistics investment
  • Consolidation and multi-drop programs
  • Mode and route optimization
  • Network planning and optimization
  • Continuous improvement initiatives

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