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Zipline’s Purpose: To improve the lives of transportation professionals.

Looking for a career in transportation? Zipline offers competitive and fulfilling logistics jobs in Columbus, Ohio. Our highly successful team members are resourceful, proactive, and take accountability for all aspects of serving customers and growing the business. Dedicated to living out our purpose statement, we are serious about customer service, teamwork, and collaboration.

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Work Perks | Zipline Logistics Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Beyond our relaxed work environment and dress code (because doesn’t everyone do that?), Zipline offers a handful of unique #workperks to employees.

Professional Development

We believe that talent development opportunities shouldn’t start and stop upon initial hire, but that they should be continuous. Our advanced leadership and individual coaching programs are designed to help Zipliners both identify and reach their career goals. Employees have access to cutting-edge industry information and conferences, mentorship programs, tuition reimbursement, and everything/anything else they need to take control of their careers in transportation. We are committed to internal promotions and give all                                   employees the chance to define their career paths and own their professional development.

Special Stuff

Like our business tagline, our HR team likes to go above and beyond. Zipliners enjoy added PTO for birthdays and work anniversaries, monthly happy hours, “Friday beers,” and monthly performance prizes, among many other perks.

Health & Wellness

We believe in the adage of “healthy body, healthy mind” and work to provide employees with smart food choices and free gym memberships. In addition to stocking the kitchen with yummy snacks, we have weekly in-office yoga and meditation spaces for those who need to de-stress as well as flexible lunch hours for those who want to get a midday workout in.


We offer an impressive 401k matching program, generous HSA contribution, employer covered vision and dental, and top healthcare options that fit with all family styles and sizes.


In addition to company-wide initiatives, Zipline believes in taking a micro approach to philanthropy that is individual, actionable, and local. All employees are encouraged to bring forward sponsorship and/or participation opportunities that benefit the causes they care about most. We are invested in our Columbus community and encourage our employees to take philanthropy seriously.

Creativity & Innovation

We believe that creativity is a vital component to effective leadership, problem-solving, and innovation. Zipline encourages team members to ask questions, indulge curiosity, consider all viewpoints, and regularly explore new ideas. Employee ideas for improvement are not only heard, they are acted upon and developed. We proudly support an employee-led Innovation Lab for successful review and implementation of new ideas.


Our leadership believes in facilitating a high level of transparency through regular business updates, townhalls, and employee surveys. We think it’s important to provide clarity on business goals and showcase how each Zipliner plays their part to “make freight dreams happen.”