cold chain temperature monitoring devices

Cold Chain Logistics Temperature Monitoring Devices

All involved in cold chain food logistics are concerned with complying with recently enacted food safety regulations. Getting temperature-sensitive product from one location to another requires diligent work on the part of the shipper, 3PL, and carrier to meet modern transporting food regulations set forth by the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act. This comprehensive legislation defines the conditions supply chain partners need to meet to ensure their compliance.

Similar to what has happened in other areas of the logistics industry, there has been a substantial improvement in available technology for cold chain food logistics. Whether you need a temperature monitoring device for produce driving intrastate or need to monitor the temperature of a potentially life-saving shipment of medicine, these temperature monitoring devices can provide real-time, continuous information and delivery of alerts to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Keith Mowery, Vice President of Transportation and Logistics at United States Cold Storage, Inc., elaborates on the new tech advancements being used, “Most temperature monitoring is after the fact with either a reefer or temp tale download. Newer equipment has the ability to monitor in real time and there are devices that can monitor and relay both GPS and temperature in real time.”

But what devices should you use? They range widely in price and capabilities.

Temperature Monitoring Devices

DeviceMulti- or Single-useReporting FrequencyCapabilitiesPrice
Satrack Environmental MonitoringMulti-useEvery 1 hour- Real-time tracking (30 seconds)
- Activity Reports/Alerts
- Security Repots/Alerts
- Temperature Monitoring
Can loan ($25) or buy ($150) plus small monthly or one-time fee for software
Satrack Environmental Monitoring - SpecialMulti-useEvery 60 seconds- Real-time tracking (30 seconds)
- Activity Reports/Alerts
- Security Repots/Alerts
- Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
- Detectors for doors, tampering, etc.
Can loan ($29) or buy ($191) plus small monthly or one-time fee for software
Locus Traxx - GO Real-TimeSingle-useEvery 18 minutes- Real-time temperature and location reporting
- 12-day battery life
Pricing available upon request
Locus Traxx - GO Real-Time LUXSingle-useEvery 18 minutes- Real-time temperature and location reporting
- Security monitoring
- Light sensor to detect unauthorized access
- 12-day battery life
Pricing available upon request
Locus Traxx - GO Real-Time XLSingle-useEvery 1 hour- Real-time temperature and location reporting
- Security monitoring
- Light sensor to detect unauthorized access
- 60-day battery life
Pricing available upon request
LOG-IC 360® NFCSingle or Multi-useMobile data transfer (download) or real-time monitoring through mobile application- Data transferred directly to computer or smart device
- Ability to pinpoint the location of temperature issue
- Can monitor core temperatures accurately with probe
Pricing available upon request
SpotSee WarmMark Single-useContinuous- Field armable with simple pull tab set-up
- Offers brief, moderate, and prolonged exposure time readings
- Requires no special packaging or storage
- Delivers irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
Pricing available upon request
BluLine RF Temperature Data LoggerMulti-useEvery 10 minutes - Non-subscription cloud-based data storage
- Live monitoring and alert notifications
- Wireless and a 3-year warranty
ORBComm CT3000/3001Series
Multi-use or Single-useContinuous- Real-time monitoring through direct connection to the logger via a computer or smart device
- Permanent or temporary installation depending on the model
Pricing available upon request
Emerson GO Real-Time Tracker Single-useEvery 18 minutes- Transmits real-time location and temperature information
- Thorough reporting through Oversight Mobile Application
- Authenticated and unauthenticated user access
Pricing available upon request
Omega Nomad PDF Logger Single-use From 30- second intervals to 120-min intervals - Compact weatherproof device
- Easily downloadable data
- Equipped with an LED Alarm that can be set at desired threshold
$244.00 for 10 single-use devices
RTDTemp 101A Data LoggerMulti-useFrom 1- second intervals to 24-hour intervals- Can measure a wide variety of temperatures
- Battery life up to 10 years
- Over 1 million readings available

Why Monitor Freight Temperatures?

While purchasing a temperature-monitoring device can be a costly upfront expense, utilizing one for safer food transportation can translate into savings. Both shippers and receivers can now monitor individual product’s temperature each step of the transportation process. This allows them to intervene before their products are damaged by improper temperature exposure. Without these new temperature monitoring devices, full truckloads of product could arrive at a receiver and inevitably be rejected due to unsafe temperatures or melting. Now, alerts can be sent in real-time to shippers and carriers so they can immediately step in and solve the problem before product is unsafe or unsellable.

Don’t take the chance of transporting your perishable items without using the newest temperature monitoring technology.

Talk to Zipline Logistics today about your refrigerated transportation needs and learn how we can help you leverage real-time temperature monitoring technology to ensure that your consumable product gets to its destination as intended.



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