(Columbus, OH) – Zipline Logistics is proud to once again be celebrating our valued carrier partners on “10/4 Day”! We coined this holiday in 2016 to recognize the top trucking companies in our network who go above and beyond for us and our customers. 

Congratulations to Zipline Logistics 2022 Top Carriers! 

Northeast: Jettex

Southeast: Mercer Transportation

Midwest: Dependable Warehousing, Inc.

West Coast: Ruiz Trucking

Drayage: Bayview Logistics

Reefer LTL:  MBT Transport, Inc.

What it Takes to be a Zipline Top Carrier

Zipline’s carriers are organized and structured into four distinct regional groups, as well as additional groups for intermodal-based providers. This allows representatives to build impactful carrier relationships and effectively minimize volatile market swings. Regional and modal coordinators are true retail logistics experts, acting as authorities on area lane activity, rate changes, and geographic influences. 

We selected this year’s top carriers based on numerous characteristics, including: 

  • Overall performance  
  • Commitment to high-quality service 
  • Personal relationships with Zipliners 
  • Load volumes 

All of our 2022 Top Carriers embody these characteristics and continue to do amazing work for our clients.

A Special Thanks To Our Carriers

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History of 10/4 Day 

“10-4” is a common phrase used by truck drivers to close radio correspondence. It loosely means “agreed” or “understood.” Zipline Logistics began publicly celebrating the event on October 4, 2016 but we have recognized the date internally and with our carriers since our inception in 2007. 

Operating on the purpose of “improving the lives of transportation professionals,” this holiday is a hallmark for Zipline. We issue certificates and gifts to recognized carriers and throw a huge party for employees inside our own walls. 

About Zipline Logistics 

Zipline Logistics is the only third-party logistics solutions provider in North America exclusively servicing the consumer-packaged goods sector. Our uniquely qualified carrier network, world-class team of retail transportation experts, and state-of-the-art shipper intelligence tools maximize client revenue and gross margin by eliminating out-of-stocks through optimized, on-time in-full performance.  

By focusing on retail-specialization, we have maintained a customer satisfaction score ranking 5 times the industry average throughout 11 consecutive years of award-winning growth. 

About Zipline Carrier Partners