Zipline and Frontenac are pleased to announce the appointment of a new board member who will help to further advance their efforts in retail logistics.

Columbus, Ohio – September 19, 2023 – Zipline Logistics, a leading third-party logistics solutions provider exclusively servicing the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector, in partnership with its private equity sponsor, Frontenac, is pleased to announce the board appointment of Carl E. Lee, Jr.. 

Mr. Lee joining the board is a major achievement for Zipline as it strives to revolutionize the logistics experience for CPG brands and strengthen its dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. 

Mr. Lee brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the board, further diversifying the expertise available to guide Zipline’s strategic decisions. A respected thought leader with a distinguished career in the CPG industry, Mr. Lee currently sits on the Board of Directors for Ocean’s Halo, Scott & Jon’s, and Wyandot Snacks.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Carl E. Lee, Jr. to our board. His deep understanding of the CPG industry and his commitment to excellence align with our mission to transform the logistics experience for our clients,” said Andrew Lynch, President of Zipline Logistics. “With Carl’s guidance, we are poised to continue our journey of innovation and growth.” 

Mr. Lee’s extensive CPG background will allow him to represent the voice of Zipline’s valued customers, helping the company continue to tailor its services to meet customers’ evolving needs. Zipline Logistics sees Mr. Lee as a key asset in the ongoing process of refining its value proposition to improve the lives of transportation professionals. 

“I am honored to join the board of Zipline Logistics, a company who is working to change how consumer brands leverage logistics as a competitive advantage. The passion and dedication of the Zipline team, combined with their unwavering focus on the CPG sector, are what drew me to this opportunity,” said Carl E. Lee, Jr., “I look forward to being a part of this strong, customer service-focused team.” 

Unlike traditional third-party logistics providers (3PLs), Zipline is committed to serving CPG companies who need timely and complete delivery of their products to retail shelves.  

“Our partnership with Frontenac was founded on a shared vision to revolutionize retail logistics,” added Lynch, “With Carl’s appointment, we will continue to prioritize the needs of our clients and focus on delivering excellence.”     

About Frontenac

Frontenac is a Chicago-based private equity firm. The firm focuses on investing in lower middle market buyout transactions in the consumer, industrial, and services industries. Frontenac works in partnership with established operating leaders, through an executive-centric approach called CEO1ST, which seeks to identify, acquire, and build market-leading companies through transformational acquisitions and operational excellence.

About Zipline Logistics

Zipline Logistics is a leading third-party logistics solutions provider in North America exclusively servicing the consumer-packaged goods sector. The company’s CPG focused carrier network, strong team of retail transportation experts, and shipper intelligence tools can help to maximize client revenue and gross margin by reducing out-of-stocks through optimized, on-time in-full performance.

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