(Columbus, Ohio) – Third-party logistics provider (3PL) Zipline Logistics is making “10/4 Day” an official holiday. A common phrase for truck drivers, “10-4” loosely means “agreed” or “understood” and is used to close radio correspondence. This is the first year Zipline Logistics will publicly celebrate the event, leveraging the date to recognize top carrier partners.

“Providers who respect transportation and logistics as a profession know that true and lasting success always derives from partners working toward mutually agreed upon goals,” elaborates Andrew Lynch, Zipline Logistics co-founder and President. “10/4 Day is about recognizing some of the outstanding carriers that have partnered with Zipline to achieve unparalleled service for our clients each and every day.”

Recognized carriers were evaluated on numerous qualifiers. Selection criteria included, but was not limited to, commitment to high-quality service, overall performance, ease of working relationship, and load volume in 2016.

Five carriers were awarded from six different regions, with the top carriers listed below:

Zipline Logistics’ operation teams are uniquely organized and structured into the same six regional groups. This allows representatives to build impactful carrier relationships and effectively minimize volatile market swings. Zipline’s regional coordinators are true experts as a result, acting as authorities on area lane activity, rate changes, and geographic influences.


Zipline Logistics is North America’s first multimodal transportation provider to specialize exclusively in serving the retail and consumer products sectors. Founded in 2007, the company is renowned nationwide among retailers, distributors, and manufacturers for providing results-driven partnerships, unparalleled service, and cutting-edge data intelligence. For more information, go to www.ziplinelogistics.com or call 888.469.4754.