We’re talking all things CVS today!

CVS has over 9,000 locations across every state in the U.S., so a deal with CVS can bring a lot of exposure and revenue that an emerging CPG brand needs to continue its growth.  

If your brand has recently secured a deal with CVS, there are many important steps to sort out behind the scenes before your product appears on store shelves. A crucial part of the process is the logistics of delivering your freight to CVS distribution centers. Every large retailer has its own set of delivery requirements, scheduling processes, and chargeback systems — and CVS is no different.  

In this episode, Teddy and Jesse give you the cheat code to navigating all your CVS appointment scheduling, pallet and packaging requirements, vendor chargebacks, preferred carriers, and more!

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The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
23 | Shipping into CVS: Everything CPG Brands Should Know