Are you moving high value (HVL) shipments and experiencing increased theft?  

You’re not alone. Cargo theft is at an all-time high, with stolen goods totaling an estimated $130 Million in 2023, which is up 57% from the year prior and totals to over 220 reports of cargo theft per month.

In this episode, Jessica Newbury, VP of Operations, hops on the mic to give CPG shippers the details on Zipline Logistics’ HVL anti-theft protections. Our industry-leading HVL process includes critical qualification, routing, and dispatch practices: from validating the lowest risk routing and driver mitigation best practices to visibility requirements and connectivity to law-enforcement. These updated technology integrations take an already world-class solution to the next level of anti-theft security.

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33 | Protecting High Value Loads (HVL) Against Cargo Theft with Jessica Newbury, VP of Operations at Zipline Logistics