There’s a LOT to know about shipping LTL, like freight classes, NMFC codes, and how rates are determined. If you’re not sure where to start, your hosts Teddy and Jesse are here to break LTL shipping down, step by step.

In this episode of TRUCK YEAH!, you’ll learn:

  • How the freight class of a shipment is determined
  • How to determine the mode of LTL you should ship
  • How LTL freight classification and density affect LTL rates
  • What NMFC codes are
  • Dimensional rating vs. NMFC codes
  • Why some commodities have a fixed freight class
  • What happens if freight has incorrect shipping class codes
  • How stack-ability and turnability impact LTL rates
  • Tips to lower LTL freight shipping class

And more! If you’re a CPG shipper, you can’t afford to miss this episode.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Read our blog on LTL FAQ’s:
  • Check out our Freight Class Calculator:
  • Visit Zipline Logistics at Expo West:
The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
28 | LTL Freight Classes FAQ: Everything CPG Shippers Need to Know