The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts several “blitz week” checks every summer in order to keep the roadways safe and efficient. These include International Roadcheck in mid May, Operation Safe Driver Week in the beginning of July, and Brake Safety Week at the end of August.

During this time, safety violations take truck drivers off the road. Many drivers frequently opt to forgo a week’s worth of work rather than face potential fines that result from a failed brake inspection. This can have a drastic effect on capacity. One of Zipline’s mid-sized East Coast and Midwest-based carrier partners reported somewhere between 30-40% of their owner-operators were not driving during the week’s inspection period in years past.

Fewer trucks on the road means limited available options to haul your freight. This can translate into higher costs when booking orders. Customers should also prepare see an increase in transit time for orders and possible service failures.

Tune in to hear your hosts Teddy and Jesse share exactly how to beat the heat of blitz weeks!

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The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
37 | How to Prepare for CVSA Blitz Weeks: International Roadcheck, Operation Safe Driver, and Brake Safety Week