We’ve got special guest Tyler Mathews, Zipline Sales Representative, on the podcast to coach CPG brands on spotting the early signs of “love bombing” 3PLs — which aren’t much different from “love bombers” in the dating world.

Love bombing 3PLs bait CPG brands by selling a dream that promises not only the best rates but the best service, too.  But with no data or proof to back “the best” they claim to be, their true colors are revealed over time. They only care about winning the most freight possible, as fast as possible. Even if it’s at their clients’ expense. 

Tune in to reveal the red flags that expose these rascals and learn how you can avoid their traps in the future!

More on “love bombing” 3PLs: https://ziplinelogistics.com/blog/general-3pls/

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34 | Steer Clear of "Love Bombing" 3PLs with Guest Tyler Mathews, Sales Representative