Tune in to hear Zipline Logistics President, Andrew Lynch, reveal his 2024 freight market predictions, tailored for CPG brands.

Andrew dives into his insights and predictions on:

  • The overall economy
  • What Zipline is seeing from our angle as a logistics provider
  • Current supply and demand dynamics in the CPG marketplace
  • Trucking volumes, rejections, and rates
  • His 2024 market predictions and how retail buyers may respond
  • The best 2024 logistics practices for CPG brands shipping into retail

Here’s Andrew’s best piece of advice for CPG shippers aiming to grow in 2024:

“For decades, I’ve had the privilege of having a front row seat to watching some of the best, most iconic brands in North America build their businesses, establish their market position, and go from upstarts to category leaders,” says Andrew, “And the tie that binds almost all of those brands — in both good and bad markets — has always been that they focus on getting on the shelf. They focus on being a consumer-first brand. That means that they don’t have gaps on their shelves at retailers. It means that they are where the buyer is, when the buyer is there, and are always ready to greet the consumer with what they want, when they want it, and where they want to pick it up. And when I translate that recipe for success into a marketplace like 2024’s, all I see is a great opportunity for brands to nail their budgets — even beat them — and achieve absolute world-class delivery into retail.”

Download Zipline’s eBook on Shipping Intelligence Technology: https://info.ziplinelogistics.com/leveraging-shipper-intelligence-technology

The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
The TRUCK YEAH! Podcast
25 | 2024 Freight Market Predictions with President of Zipline Logistics, Andrew Lynch