What does it mean to be a Zipliner?

Zipline’s Purpose: To improve the lives of transportation professionals.

Our highly successful team members are resourceful, proactive and take accountability for all aspects of serving customers and growing the business. Dedicated to living out our purpose statement, we are serious about customer service, teamwork, and collaboration.

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40% of employees were referred by other team members — not only do people love working here, they want their friends and family to join.
  • Brad Minns, with Zipline since 2014
    I have loved everything about Zipline from day one! The company is made up of great people with positive attitudes. It has a very relaxed, fun, and enjoyable work environment that I have never found anywhere else.
    Brad Minns, with Zipline since 2014
  • It’s rare to find a company that TRULY lives out it’s values the way Zipline does, and I believe that is why we are so successful. It has been rewarding to be a part of this success story, and each day I look forward to seeing what is next.
    Anthony Ceritelli, with Zipline since 2011
  • Anthony Ciraky, with Zipline since 2014
    Working at Zipline is a totally different experience from any other 3PL I have worked for. Employees are compensated and rewarded based on professional development and service, opposed to the number of loads booked or overall revenue.
    Anthony Ciraky, with Zipline since 2014
  • Zipline does not operate on a hierarchy according to tenure or authority, but offers each employee the opportunity to develop and preform at their own capacity. This has been a great model for me to take on challenges and different roles while cultivating unfamiliar career objectives. Working alongside accomplished industry professionals that truly have your best interest at heart is so motivational, it pushes us all to want more for ourselves and our customers. You really do get back what you put in here, and that in itself is worthwhile.
    Samantha Wickman, with Zipline since 2015
  • Tim Yuhas, with Zipline since 2014
    Being my first job out of college, I couldn’t imagine a better place to start and build my career. Zipline gives you the freedom to explore different facets of the logistics industry and business.
    Tim Yuhas, with Zipline since 2014
  • Greg DiSalvo
    The owners of Zipline have created an impressive culture. Each employee is able to interact face to face with upper-level management on a daily basis and feel like their input is valued; that’s very hard to come across at other companies.
    Greg DiSalvo, with Zipline since 2011
  • Jesse Juett
    It was important to me to find an employer that fostered the same level of appreciation I have for high-level customer service. Zipline not only embodies that mentality, it’s the purpose of the company: “Improving the Lives of Transportation Professionals.” Being surrounded by a team of people who value treating others with respect and doing the right thing, versus always looking at the bottom line, makes me WANT to come to work every day!
    Jesse Juett, with Zipline since 2011
  • Katie Curry, with Zipline since 2012
    The amazing growth that the company has seen has translated to unique opportunities for me to learn and expand both my personal and professional capabilities.
    Katie Curry, with Zipline since 2012
  • Marty Edwards, with Zipline since 2013
    It’s great to watch Zipline’s talented professionals work to grow a business the right way; genuinely respecting the customers and carriers and having a great time doing it.
    Marty Edwards, with Zipline since 2013
  • Sean Buckle, with Zipline since 2014
    Zipline is a great place to work, with good people, and the environment is one of the best. There’s never a dull moment in the office, but with that being said it’s also a great company to learn and develop skills to be a strong logistics professional.
    Sean Buckle, with Zipline since 2014
  • What makes Zipline such an awesome company to work for is the progressive culture and people that I get to be with every day.  My teammates consistently go above and beyond for our customers and each other. Having such a tremendous amount of teamwork allows each of us to learn and grow rapidly. Which in turn has transformed us all into transportation management super stars. I love that I am able to call Zipline my home.
    Hilary Gerlach, with Zipline since 2014
  • Tim Mantica
    I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Not only do I love what I do every single day, but I also enjoy the people I work with! I feel like I’m making a difference working at Zipline.
    Tim Mantica, with Zipline since 2011
  • I enjoy working here because Zipline truly values its employees. Whether it’s shown through flexible schedules, catered events, professional development opportunities, or personal philanthropy support, Zipline’s leadership listens and responds to the needs and interests of team members.
    Bethany Cramer, with Zipline Logistics 2016
  • Andrew Kopp
    When I first interviewed for my position at Zipline one of the questions that I was asked was ‘What is the most important quality you look for in a company?’ I responded by saying ‘The employees. I want to be surrounded by people who are not only passionate about their position, but also care about the wellbeing of their co-workers.’ After a year of working for Zipline I have come to realize that I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend my days with. Our goal is to improve the lives of transportation professionals, which I believe is accomplished through our highly motivated, and uniquely compassionate staff.
    Andrew Kopp, with Zipline since 2015
  • Wes Cooper
    The office environment at Zipline encourages a positive mindset where the recipe for success is people working as a team and bringing individual strengths together.
    Wes Cooper, with Zipline since 2012
  • Rick Althoff
    It’s rewarding to see the company expand while still maintaining its supportive culture. That’s a major reason why I love working here. There are so many opportunities to provide input and be part of the overall growth.
    Rick Althoff, with Zipline since 2009