Logistics for Growing Brands

An emerging brand is a vendor just bringing an idea or concept to market and are typically in the midst of rapid development. As new brands grow, logistics quickly becomes more and more complex. You can go from fulfilling single orders to shipping multiple skids across country, seemingly overnight. And when you land a big new customer, acing the relationship and product delivery is key.

That’s where Zipline Logistics can help. Knowing when and how to adjust your transportation strategies is key for business success and customer satisfaction.

We partner with emerging CG brands to deliver best-in-class logistics solutions. Our industry expertise and relationships paired with our shipper intelligence tools provide you the necessary levels of service, guidance, and intelligence your emerging brand needs to succeed in today’s demanding market.

Zipline’s Logistics solutions consultants help growing companies establish optimal supply chain behaviors from the get-go. Whether that means augmenting an existing team or acting as an outsourced solution, we can help you scale transportation.