Consumer Goods, Food, and Beverage Transportation

When it comes to delivering into big box retailers and meeting their expectations, service is critical. Providing the necessary attention to detail and high level of accountability is what Zipline’s business was built on.

We’re here to protect not just your product, but your brand. Late or non-compliant shipments can damage your customer relationships. We won’t let that happen. We work with every retailer in the nation and know their specifications like the back of our hand. Safeguarding your shipments against rejections, delays, chargebacks, damages and over-handling is our priority.

We provide multimodal transportation solutions – dry and temperature controlled –  for a wide range of consumer products. If it’s sold at a convenience or grocery store, retail outlet, or big box location, we can help. This includes transportation for packaged food and beverage products, health and beauty products, apparel, home goods, pet supplies, furniture, and much more.

Benefits of Working with a Retail and Grocery Transportation Specialist

  • Deep knowledge of receiver locations and preferences
  • Understanding of big box retailer demands and scorecards
  • Uniquely qualified carrier network and food-grade equipment
  • Truck pooling potential with similar shippers
  • Retail consolidation services
  • Knowledge of FSMA protocols and requirements
  • Track and trace technology
  • Expertise around retail-driven capacity fluctuations