You Will Always Be Our Most Important Customer

We can manage your transportation needs regardless of whether you ship 800 truckloads a month or two skids a week. We genuinely care about your shipment, regardless of its size.

Zipline Logistics specializes in multimodal transportation across the United States, Canada, and Mexico for retail consumer products. This means our entire organization knows the specific requirements your customers and products demand and can help you meet them, every time.

Multimodal Capabilities

  • Full Truckload
  • Temperature Controlled
  • LTL
  • Rail
  • Drayage


  • Consolidation or Multi-drop
  • Drop Trailer
  • Special Projects
  • Warehouse Selection
  • Network Optimization
Repeat business: 100% of customers who use Zipline once, use us again.

Carrier Qualification

It’s not about how many carriers we have in our network, instead it’s about how qualified those carriers are to handle your product. Our vast carrier network has been heavily vetted and filtered with your business in mind. Adherence to the highest safety and service standards is our top priority.

Zipline’s vast carrier network exemplifies the same values, integrity and dedication to quality that we have built our name on. We make sure of it.